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Lake Martin

It’s now been a week since our first Alabama Bass Trail event. We were not quite dialed in as would have liked to have been. Nevertheless, it was a learning experience. We were thankful and blessed to have been able to compete in such a prestigious event and come away with a limit. let me break it down quick and easy how it all went down.

Let’s start with the conditions. During our brief few days of practice leading up to the tournament, the weather was typically cold with average highs around 45 degrees. Winds typically were sustained around 10-15 mph. Water clarity on southern end was clear and water temp as high as 48. Skies ranged from mostly cloudy to partly cloudy. Tournament day take off was 27 or so and high in low to mid 50s with sun and little to no wind.

Now that the stage is set, let’s get to the business of the day. Lol. Tournament takeoff. We were boat 34 out of nearly 225. They let everyone go a little early around 6:15 instead of 6:30 with our check in time being 2:45. We proceeded to head south and make a 20 minute run. Was able to get to our first spot fishing a little deep. When I say deep it’s around 15’ plus. Stayed probably to long and decided to move. We moved to another deep spot and again empty. Jumped over to another one and Andrew was able to catch a small keeper on a shaky head I believe. It’s mid morning and we decide to move shallow. We run back to a place where we caught a couple in practice. And that’s where we got a little life.

It’s showtime. As we put the trolling motor down and begin to fish, another boat eases up. This where Andrew decides he wants his own fishing show. It was the ABT and FOX Sports video boat. They ask us some questions and film us for a little bit and Andrew proceeds to put 2 keepers in the boat for the cameras in about a 10 minute span using a crawfish color Strike King 1.5 squarebill crankbait. Camera boat hangs with us for just a minute longer and then leaves. We try to replicate the area. But to no avail.

As the morning progresses and changes to afternoon we manage 1 more keeper shallow, but really the shallow bite (5’ or less) never developed like we thought for us. We decide to run back to deeper water. I catch one late on a Carolina Rig with a green pumpkin craw. That gave us five in the boat. We did a little fishing working our way back towards weigh in but nothing ever produced.

One thing is always pay attention. As we were hopping around closer to weigh in. I was idling towards another point when all the sudden we go from 14’ to boulders. Lol. We can laugh about now. But thought for sure something was jacked up. Fortunately, nothing to bad as far damage. Just some scrapes to the foot.

Now it’s weigh in time. Andrew carries our bag across the scales to the tune of 5 Bass weighing 6.99 lbs, only good enough for 134th place. Andrew carried the team in this event with 4 of the 5 keepers. It took just below 14 lbs to win the event. It was a struggle for us throughout the day. We just got to make quicker decisions as a team on the water as well as be a little more patient at times on particular areas as well as trusting our gut. I think our next event at Lake Eufaula will play more to our style of fishing. We got some work to do to make the championship. I’ll also try not to ramble on as much in the next blog. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and next time I’m thinking it’s going to be a video blog lol. And we will have some good fish catching stories to share!

Tight Lines and Many Hooksets,


“Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another” – Proverbs 27:17