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Time for a little catch up. Missed posting latest update, but we are back now. So, couple weeks back Andrew and I made the trip to Eufaula for a day of scouting and fishing. Spent a decent amount of time studying maps and narrowing down on a few areas to check out. We decided to launch from Hatchachubee Creek or whatever that’s pronounced and fish that area to start.

We launch around 7:00 or so I guess and go back in a nearby creek and start fishing. Lots of traffic in that area as well. I was throwing Strike King Thunder Cricket and it wasn’t long before hooking up with a small keeper. A few minutes later we landed a short fish. Andrew caught a short on a wacky rig and I caught another short on the Thunder Cricket. A flurry of bites in a short period of time in 2-3 feet of water. Just not the size we were looking for.

We move around a little and scanned some areas with the Humminbird Side Imaging and push poled are way into some skinny water as well. Nothing doing really other than seeing the occasional alligator and crappie fisherman.

After sometime with no luck and confidence seeming to dwindle we made another move further down and was able to catch a couple more but still not the size we needed to locate. Several other anglers were in this particular area including evidently a National Professional Fishing League and a one of the competitors boating a 5 pounder behind us. We decide to move and not get in the way of the competitors of other events and make a run south to some cleaner water and get out of the mud.

Oh wow! Much cleaner water and I can actually see in the water. Lol. Andrew proceeds to catch crappie and I miss a couple while stumbling across a 4 pounder running off a bed. Things slow down so we decide to start making our way back up towards the ramp. We stop in another creek closer to ramp and catch a few short fish and it did have some cleaner water than the mud we had been fishing earlier in the day. As we begin to head out of creek we see about 6 more gators included a few giants. Needless to say we saw more gators than we did keepers. Not the day on the water we were hoping for but definitely learned a lot about the lake and some ideas for next trip.

Weather for the day was in the 70s for the high, light wind partly cloudy. Water temp on average was around 68-70. Very chamber of commerce type day. A wide range of lures were used but for the bites even though small, came on wacky rig, bladed bait, small swimbait, Texas Rig brush hog, and shaky head. Jigs, shallow crankbaits, and frogs didn’t contribute at all to the day like we planned.

Our last practice day is coming up and we hope that the fish are more cooperative this time. We both understand we need a solid finish and not get further behind in points in order to make the championship. Thanks to the our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ though for giving us this opportunity to just be able to compete in Alabama Bass Trail this year. I pray that we can have a better and more productive event this time. If not, all glory still be to God at the end of day and being able to enjoy the outdoors.