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“The Newbie”

When Jonathon asked me to write this second blog, I told him, you must be desperate. I am not the person you want writing anything. The more I thought about it, I realized, there are a lot of people out there like me. People that have never competitively bass fished, but are passionate about it and also competitive as well. I’ll be the first to tell you, I am no expert. That fact alone may make you think, then why would I want to know what you do? Simply put, TO LEARN. Learn from my mistakes especially. Because there is one thing I can promise, and that will be a lot of mistakes. I have researched, read articles, watched shows, and all that can only get you so far. The best thing to do, I believe is just do it and learn. With that you will hopefully get better. My hope for this blog is to help others that are first timers stepping into competition to learn something. So lets get started!

My prep for the Alabama Bass Trail started in September of 2020. Up until that point I was fishing out of a 17ft aluminum boat with a 45HP mercury. Needless to say that was not going to cut it. So, I started searching for my first tournament boat. I wanted to stick with an aluminum boat because for me, that is what I grew up on. There are some really good aluminum boats out there that are tournament ready. If you don’t believe me just Google anlgers like John Cox and see how he was tearing up the competition in an aluminum boat over the years. In October, after many hours and days of researching what I wanted, I decided to go with a Vexus AVX 2080 with a 200HP Pro XS. Let me tell you, those two things together do not disappoint. The motor is a BEAST! After I bought my tournament boat, I talked with Jonathon about random things I may need for the tournaments that I normally wouldn’t think about. He brought up a few things that I didn’t have like a rain suit, cull tags, and a measuring board to name a few.

Middle of January we started fishing Lake Martin. We began finding some spots and researching some areas, because I had never fished Lake Martin. Actually, speaking of that, I haven’t fished any of the lakes that we are going this year besides Logan Martin Lake and Lay Lake. The first couple of times we fished Lake Martin it was really cold and windy. We never caught a limit but when we did catch fish they were quality size. As Jonathon said, “focus is on the areas and some graphing, not as much the catching right now.” After each trip I would start to study maps for spots to try and fish next time, so we could spend more time fishing rather than trying to find places on water.

As we are getting closer and closer to our tournament, I have continued to sort and organize tackle, so it will make it easy on tournament day to find what I need. I bought all new Lure Lock boxes and have labeled everything so I can maximize our time on the water. Like I said, I am no expert. As we go through this season, there will be things that I find out I need while out on the water, as well as things I don’t need. I will be sure to let y’all know, so that you can learn from my mistakes. I hope y’all enjoy this journey with us, because I think it will be a fun one.


Andrew Ling

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A Time of First

It was many years ago when the idea of Bass Roots Fishing began. And when I mean many years, it was around my time working at Bass Pro Shops. It was about trying to do and create something that allowed me to be apart of a bass fishing industry and the outdoors that I enjoy. From the tournaments, tackle stores, websites, the people, and wanting to connect with fellow anglers, share fishing experiences, as well as maybe bring people in that were new to the outdoors.

Bass Roots is here. A first business venture. Although, we’ve been slow, that’s ok. We didn’t expect to be an overnight success. It’ll come around, because it’s a process. Bass Roots is not the purpose of this blog. The purpose of the blog is about the competition, tips, preparation, meeting other competitors and much more. Following the ups and downs of a couple guys competing on the Alabama Bass Trail for the first time. A first time of Andrew and I fishing as a team. First time for Andrew competing on any level of bass fishing. I have competed in BFLs, ABAs, FLWs for a significant time as a co-angler, however this will be first time in a long time competing as a team, especially in an event as prestigious as the Alabama Bass Trail. First time for us doing blogs. The list of first time things could go on and on.

Our first time spent fishing and preparing actually began in spring 2020 as Covid hit. We spent time at Lay Lake and Logan Martin Lake for the most part due to proximity of where we live. We even made a trip to Alabama River and Smith Lake in terrible and extreme weather conditions. We have caught fish, developed ideas, but nothing that is going to make us a threat to win at the moment.

Our first event is on Lake Martin in a few weeks. Our official first practices for Lake Martin began over the last couple weeks. Mostly doing some scouting and graphing, definitely very little in the catching department. Lol. When we have caught fish, they have been on average of 2 to 3.5 pounds on a variety of baits and depths. So, starting out hasn’t been great or what we hope, but it has been a learning experience. It has been cold and windy each time out. Another first learning experience is that Andrew should “always” listen to Jonathon when he says it’s to shallow, the boat will get stuck. That way Andrew doesn’t have to get in the 43 degree water and push the boat off the sandbar. Another first learning experience is that Andrew should know Jonathon will probably be late every time to go fishing, except when tournament day rolls around. Lol. That way he doesn’t wait for 30 minutes every time. We hope to put some of this on video as we go to see some of the disfunction and hilarity on the water such as the rod break, reel blow up, and even the sand bar push off as mentioned above.

It will be a fun and exciting experience to share our journey weekly leading up to each event. Promise we’ll get better at this blog thing. Thank you for taking the time to read this intro about what this blog will be about going forward. This adventure of two, blue collar guys trying to compete on the Alabama Bass Trail against the best teams in Alabama and the southeast. So, time to sign this thing off for now. Hope everyone has a blessed week.


Jonathon Cone

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