What’s Bass Roots Fishing really about?

Bass Roots Fishing was an idea that was planted in our minds many years ago. It is 50% veteran owned and 100% faith driven. We wanted to start a fishing business, that was geared towards faith, family, and bass fishing. We are a business that wants to grow and help other anglers get better with skills, help our communities and waterways, and thank our military and first responders through various ways. While sharing our faith and love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ along the way. Basically, we wanted to get back to our grassroots of fishing. That’s how we came up with the name Bass Roots. This is a company that’s not just about professional tournament angling, but more so the blue collar, weekend angler. Whether it be fishing off the bank, in a kayak, in a bass boat, or just the love of bass fishing. This is a place that is about relationships. Family. Building something that is more than just us. It’s you. Your ideas. Your likes. We don’t just want a customer. We are looking for a lifelong family member.


Bass Roots, L.L.C. was formed. And thus the journey began. A journey we hope to share with you. A place where you can come to our site and it be the internet version of sitting on the dock and hanging out with family. A place to share bass fishing stories. We will be offering apparel, tackle, videos, pro staff, fantasy sports, faith, tournament information, guides, ramp locations and much more. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. We will have podcasts, sponsor events, be at future expo’s, assist in lake cleanups, military appreciation, and the list will go and on. But nothing can happen without the loyal customers we call family. As you can see, faith and family is a big deal to us. Our roots run deep here, and we want nothing more than to share it all with you.

Where do your roots run?